Food and Discussion

June 30, 2016

Please be aware that we will meet on different weeks over the summer.  Please contact IFI for official meeting times.


Meeting regularly with a small group of other internationals and US American volunteers to learn more about the Bible and life is one of the best ways to build deeper and meaningful friendships. These friendships can enrich your life and contribute to your sense that Cleveland and Northeast Ohio can be a new home for you. Weekly gatherings almost always include eating a meal together and may include get-to-know-you activities, games, topics of discussion, singing and to explore the teachings of Jesus.  No prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary and all are welcome to participate.  Please notice that we have a special weekly meeting for women.

We hope you will take the time to check out one of our weekly meetings. We look forward to seeing you there!

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CWRU Friday Bible Study
Leader(s):           Art Wells and Eric Benson
Location:             Cleveland Heights volunteers homes
Other Details:   Transportation provided
Meeting Time:  Friday, 7:00 PM for dinner, end at 10:00 PM
Synopsis:            Students from CWRU  meet each Friday to have dinner together, sing, and then to explore the teachings of Jesus.
Contact:               For more information, contact Art at a.wells@ifiusa. for more details.


CSU Food and Discussion
Leader(s):           Paul and Debbie Solano, Richard Marvin
Location:             Gateway Church Building
Other Details:   Multicultural (all nations), transportation provided
Meeting Time:  August 28th  Friday, 6:30 PM for Dinner Bible Study 8:00 -9:30PM
Synopsis:            The Coffee house is a gathering of international students to discuss a variety of popular topics and how they relate to the Bible.  Snacks and refreshments are served.