About IFI

February 16, 2016

What is International Friendships (IFI)?

IFI's desire is to extend life-changing hospitality and friendship to international students out of reverence to Jesus.

International students often struggle with culture shock, stress, and loneliness when leaving their homes to study in the US. International Friendships, Inc. (IFI) is a national organization partnering with local churches, universities, and volunteers to provide life-changing hospitality and friendship to international students. We work strategically to make the world feel at home and extend God’s love globally — right where we are.

Who may participate?

Our programs and activities are open to students of all nationalities and religions; any international student, visiting scholar, or spouse who wants to get to know other international students and  American volunteers can participate. Families are always welcome.

How can International Friendships help you?

Social: International Friendships provides opportunities for you to meet US Americans who will open their homes and hearts to you. They can help you practice English.  They will be glad to learn about you and your country as they help you learn more about USA.

Cultural: Throughout the year, International Friendships takes trips to various places of interest in the United States. These could be day or extended trips. Special activities are often planned during holidays.

Spiritual: Small groups meet weekly to talk about life and/or discuss Bible topics. Visits to local churches can also be arranged.

Help: When you first arrive, volunteers are available to pick you up at the airport.  We are here to help you settle in and answer any questions you may have about life in USA. We want you to feel at home in Cleveland, OH.

Who do we, IFI Cleveland Team, serve?

Currently, IFI Clevelanders host events and activities for international students from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Baldwin Wallace University, Lorain County Community College, and English Language Study Center (ELS) on Case campus.